OASIS Summit 2023

The OASIS Summit will introduce FOSS to the citizen sector and educate the entire ecosystem. This event will offer opportunities for learning, experiencing practical solutions, igniting imagination, and fostering a sense of possibility.

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IMPORTANT: Registrations are now closed. If you would like to be updated on OASIS and its activities, please leave your e-mail here.

Event Details


14 September 2023


9:00 am – 6:00 pm


Bangalore International Centre (BIC), Indiranagar, Bangalore

Why FOSS Matters?

The world’s biggest enterprises are built on cutting-edge FOSS technologies. Now, thanks to the new wave of “low-code, low-maintenance” FOSS solutions, organizations can harness the same empowering technologies with minimal technical expertise and almost no running costs. Enjoy complete ownership through self-hosting and liberate yourself from vendor lock-ins.

Who is it for?

Open for citizen sector organizations and technology organizations (committed to creating positive social impact) to come together on a shared platform to explore important ideas, meet new people and learn about the latest developments.

We are co-creating this event with a handful of key partners, so it’s curated by the network, for the network and not “owned” by any given organisation.

This event will include talks, workshops and opportunities to meet new people at the intersection of technology and society. This event is open to the public and will be attended by citizen sector professionals and technologists.

What to expect at OASIS Summit:

  • Demo Sessions
    Meet and mingle with leading tech-nonprofits in India, like ReapBenefit, Avanti Fellows, Shikshalokam, Agami, and others. They’ll be showcasing their impactful work and sharing their experiences in leveraging open-source technology.
  • Critical Discussions
    Join conversations with thought leaders from Omidyar Network, Edelgive, RNP, Digital Futures Lab, ERPnext, Gram Vani, Dhvani, and many more. Topics will range from technology talent gap and data privacy to funding technology for development.
    FOSS Quest – Interactive
  • Pop-Up stalls
    Immerse yourself in a learning environment teeming with practical solutions and innovative thinking. Each pop-up station is designed to showcase technologies tailored for the citizen sector.
  • Featured Solutions
    Discover open-source tools like Glific, Jugalbandi, Metabase, Samaaja, Chitralekha, and the Development Data Platform. Participate in interactive
    demos and gain insights into how these solutions can revolutionize your NGO’s impact.
  • FOSS Experience Lab
    Walk away from the Summit equipped with new FOSS tools for your organization. The FOSS Experience Lab will feature hands-on guidance from
    experts, catering to attendees of all technical levels.

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