Open-source Alliance for Social Innovation & Sustainability

OASIS is a network of organizations united by the vision that Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) can empower citizen sector organizations and communities to create positive impact at scale.

This core group is currently inviting other organizations in the sector to join this open-source empowerment effort.

Why is it Important for the Social Sector?

FOSS (Free and & Open-Source Software) enables access to libre, low-cost, and sustainable solutions and promotes transparency and collaboration. In particular, a whole class of modern “low code” and “no code” FOSS technologies require little technical capacity to maintain and customize to meet the specific needs of different organizations, which can be achieved at a fraction of the resources needed to build new technology from scratch.

Many citizen sector organizations do not effectively leverage even publicly and freely available technology, thus we strive to create opportunities to learn about the works of others and create reusable playbooks for easy and practical technology adoption.

We are committed to creating pathways and knowledge needed for the citizen sector to aid their ability to leverage technology for impact. As an alliance, we will work on removing the bottlenecks around leveraging technology which, today, have no reason to exist.


An event to empower communities with Open-Source Technology co-created by a network of like-minded organisations.

Watch: Unlocking co-creation with open source

14 September 2023


9:00 am – 6:00 pm


Bangalore International Centre (BIC), Indiranagar, Bangalore